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Fishman, Nathan and Israel Provided Incompetent Representation

Successful Marketing and Call Center Company Sues National Law Firm Sessions, Fishman, Nathan and Israel for Providing Incompetent Representation That Resulted in $11,500,000 Judgment and Other Damages The Elephant Group, Inc. a multimillion dollar major call center and marketing company headquartered in Margate, FL has filed suit in Broward against renowned national law firm Sessions, Fishman, Nathan & Israel, LLC.  The suit alleges that the law firm grossly mishandled their representation of Elephant Group in an 8-figure complex litigation, blew deadlines, violated attorney-client confidences and placed the insurance carrier that paid them above the interests of its clients, among other wrongdoing...

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Engineering Money from the Misfortune of Others

Engineering Money from the Misfortune of Others Elderly woman remaining in home riddled with mold and other damages to her home caused by the hurricane forced to sue Forensic engineering experts accused of rendering false expert report that insurance company relied upon in denying full payment of insurance moneys Forensic engineering firms make tens of millions of dollars from performing inspections and issuing “expert engineering reports” for insurance companies in property damage insurance cases, such a natural disaster event like a hurricane.  The engineering firms that have been able to handle tens of thousands of inspections after natural disaster events such as...

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