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Financial Services

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Financial Services



Mager Parúas strives to provide a broad range of exemplary legal services in the financial services arena.


The scope of services provided are:


• Nationwide Litigation and Foreclosure Management

• Local Representation in Florida

• Intake Services

• Strategy Development including Compliance, Consulting and Process Development


A description of each type of service is below.

Nationwide Litigation and Foreclosure Management

Mager Parúas has extensive experience in litigation, foreclosure and bankruptcy strategy management at the nationwide level. Nationwide management is also known as the “Managing Counsel Model”. The Managing Counsel Model is conducted at a nationwide level utilizing a well-established network of licensed local foreclosure or litigation counsel. Mager Parúas ensures each counsel has the necessary credentials, abilities and confidence to fully and correctly implement the necessary case strategy.


Advantages of the Managing Counsel Model


(1) Enables Mager Parúas to be your Managing Counsel nationwide instead of attempting to train counsel in multiple states

(2) Safeguards Client’s proprietary policies and procedures

(3) Empowers Mager Parúas to trains each and every local counsel on the Client’s behalf

(4) Protects Client as Mager Parúas oversees each and every case with regular oversight and an aggressive legal eye

(5) Steamlines invoicing

(6) Permits unlimited customization in the management process



Mager Parúas is very unique because it even provides intake services as part of its financial services division. Intake is the processing of any and all legal mail or correspondence received by a loan servicer, bank or corporation. It involves analyzing legal mail, ensuring that the mail is properly correlated to the correct account and then assessing its exposure to ensure it is handled by the correct division of the company or litigation counsel if necessary. This process is handled by Mager Parúas utilizing its custom-built technology that analyzes deadlines, assesses important customizable metrics and produces the right decision. If the client wishes to conduct their own intake, Mager Parúas can also deliver custom-builtintake technology to support the corporation in internally handling the process. It is this type of client support that distinguishes Mager Parúas from any other law firm in the country.


Strategy and Compliance

Mager Parúas understands strategy planning and compliance in the financial services arena. The firm has been developing strategies, processes and procedures for loan servicers for over twenty years and is one of the few law firms in the industry actually skilled in corporate strategy. Each attorney understands the entire company structure and each of its pieces. Once a procedure or strategy is created, the firm also helps with implementing it by creating training materials and utilizing custom-built technological solutions to cascade regulatory or internal directives. Mager Parúas is one of the few law firms in the country that has a technological team of attorneys that draft and design custom technological solutions that infuse transparency into the processes so that companies have exemplary reporting mechanisms and stronger managerial oversight of employee productivity and accuracy.