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Appeals / Litigation Support

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Appeals / Litigation Support



Our attorneys have handled over 300 appellate matters including 30+ matters before our Supreme Court, the internationally covered “Baby T” case and other prominent appellate matters.  From representing the entire country of Ecuador, to publicly traded multi-national organizations, to private corporations and high wealth individuals, we provide exceptional appeals/litigation support services for our clients. We have numerous published appellate opinions, as well as publication of over 100 case summaries and articles, as well as books.  Our lawyers written and lectured extensively in the areas of appellate practice, litigation support and other appellate-related topics.


We also help the trial lawyer, we every kind of litigation support (from ghost memorandum, motions in limine, voir dire questions, electronic information, electronic discovery and electronic evidence issues/strategies, drafting of deposition questions, actual participation at motions to dismiss, summary judgment, pretrial hearings or trial events, etc.), to enable the lawyer or law firm to excel with even more exceptional work product under their name (without them needing to be concerned about your own time-wasting drafting of documents).  With our extensive experience in trials, including first chair trials, we can position the case for your victory and credit.  You can take all the credit if you want.  We just want to help you win.


We can serve an array of your needs, including:


• State and Federal Civil Appeals

• Supreme Court Practice

• Taking Lead Roles in Trials and Appeals

• Criminal Appeals

• Post-Trial Motion Practice

• Litigation Support at Trial Level

• Litigation Support at Appellate Level

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