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Renowned Trial Lawyer Scott Mager Teaches Expert Techniques in Complex Litigation at a National Seminar, This Time On Proper Objections at Depositions, Discovery and Trial Discovery

I OBJECT TO THAT OBJECTION: THE SECRET TO UNDERSTANDING OBJECTIONS By Scott Mager While many lawyers are quite talented, far less have a full understanding of all objections or how to best assert or respond to them.  Let’s discuss the best (and worst) objections in 1) discovery; 2) depositions; and 3) trial. “OBJECTIONS” TO DISCOVERY Since discovery is more broad in nature, there are less valid objections available, assuming you have timely made them.  Types of Objections While there are rules-based objections (e.g., exceeds the number of interrogatories, production, admissions requests; subparts being counted in the number allowed, etc.), the principal objections involve those based on privilege...

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